Jackpot Scratch

Our rating
3 offers fun, cutting-edge games in a secure online environment for serious players. The scratch off cards on their site feature jackpot payouts of up to £/€100,000 when you match the winning symbols. In an interesting twist, Jackpot Scratch also has added some competitive features to the way their gaming site works, which allow you to go head to head with other players in fun competitions that earn you even more if you can maintain the highest scores.


For example, the Jackpot Scratch Monthly Marathon Winner earns an extra £503 as a bonus for being on top of the site leader board when the current month is completed.
The leader board is updated every day, so all through the month you can see where you rank compared to other players and you can also see which games they are playing which
gives you important information when you are deciding which games are the hottest and
which ones are the most due to provide you with your next lucky streak!

Games and Playability

Love Match, Scratch Roulette, Football Mania, Beetle Bingo, Scratch Blackjack, Classic Slots and a large collection of casino games round out the gaming options offered to you by Jackpot Scratch. The posted odds include a winning hit frequency of 1 win in every 5 games, with big wins on an average of 1 in 15 games, and top payouts of 10,000 times the card value to get your scratch senses tingling as you play your way from first timer to well-seasoned jackpot winner in no time!

The Jackpot Scratch Friends and Family program also lets you invite those closest to you to join you in the exciting world of online scratch card gaming. As a special bonus, you earn an extra £25 Refer a Friend credit just for spreading the word and giving your own associates a chance to compete with your high scores online!

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