The National Lottery

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The National Lottery differs from many other scratch card sites and services because it is the official lottery of the United Kingdom and is backed by the government as a method of raising funds for good causes. So far the National Lottery has raised more than £25 billion which have been distributed as more than 340,000 grants awarded to good causes throughout the UK. That means you can be sure that every time you play, not only do you have a chance to win big money for yourself, you are also contributing to worthy causes that brighten the lives of millions of people worldwide!


Games and Playability

Games listed on the National Lottery website include Instant win propositions such as Christmas Bonanza, Monopoly 3D, Scrabble, Triple Your Luck and new seasonal titles are always being added throughout the year. Players looking for even bigger payouts may find greater interest in the Lottery Draw Games section where games like EuroMillions, Lotto Hotpicks, Thunderball and Dream Number offer adjustable jackpots that often exceed £12,000,000 for a single winner!


Camelot is the company that manages the National Lottery infrastructure, designs new games, develops the marketing support for lottery products, provides services for players and winners. Under the direction of Executive Director Dianne Thompson, chief executive, the company runs a National Lottery network that sells tickets to players in partnership with 28,503 retailers UK-wide and provides up to the minute information for everyone via the website.

The advantage to playing online is that you can open your own account and make your own choices without having to worry about keeping a winning ticket safe. Once you get your ticket online, the payouts are guaranteed. They even let you know if you won and you don't ever have to step out in the cold to get a new daily ticket since you can do it all right from the comfort of your own home!


When looking for a scratch card site or a lottery site with even broader appeal, the National Lottery offers a level of security unsurpassed by any other online gaming option and you'll be smiling win or lose knowing how much good your dollars are doing for the many great causes the UK uses this site to fund. So signup, take a chance and pick a winner!

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