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The fantastic site Winners Island offers players a whole range of amazing games to win loads of money playing. They have loads of games on offer with big money jackpots for players to win. There are also loads of different types of games on offer, including online slots and scratch cards as well as having massive bonuses and promotions to reward players for playing at the site.


This great looking site is a new offering from online gaming experts Pariplay. These guys have loads of experience in providing the very best in online gaming and in particular ensuring that players are always able to perfectly calculate the risks involved. With this advantage in mind Winners Island really does offer players the best chance to win the big bucks when playing for each and every jackpot.

Outstanding usability

The Winners Island user interface is slick and easy to use. This allows players to start playing the games very soon after discovering them. The controls are all highly intuitive and the graphics are particularly impressive.

The games

Every type of online gamer is going to have great fun playing the games on offer at this great site. There are online slots aplenty for those players who love to spin the wheel and watch the symbols match for a huge payday. There are also plenty of online scratch cards, casino games and instant win games that will keep players happy and in the money for hours on end.

It is clear that when putting Winners Island together it was the players who were of the greatest importance as everything has been created with the ultimate playing experience in mind. The games are simply stunning. They are easy to use and offer gamers a very impressive online gaming experience.

The jackpots on offer are as much as £100,000 for the scratch cards all of which are great fun to play and have very differing themes. There are also both Bingo and Keno games available as well as several more instant win games. The online slots look incredible, the graphics and gameplay ensure that there is loads of fun to be had playing each and every one of them, the Outa Space and Looty Fruity games in particular gave us hours of money making fun.


The guys over at Winners Island just love new players and that is why they have some really special bonuses and promotions on offer to their players. The first thing that a player receives when they signup to the casino and deposit is a very impressive 100% of their deposit as a bonus allowing new players to get in on double the action! That is just the beginning of the mega money bonuses that the site has on offer.

As if this wasn’t good enough, players also get 100% bonuses on their second and third deposits at Winners Island. These amazing bonuses really allow new players to try out a whole host of games and to build up a bankroll allowing them to win big time and again.

For those who invite their friends to play at Winners Island a very impressive bonus is waiting for them. For each friend who signs up to the site the member who refers them gets a very nice £30 credited to their account.


There is so much on offer at this great fun site that it is definitely a site to be played at. Offering slots, casino, scratchcards games and instant win games there is a huge amount of fun to be had and cash to be won. It’s time to start playing at the Winners Island!

Winners Island is the place to be. The graphics are better than other sites I have been on and the new welcome bonus is killer. They really like their players as they DOUBLED my first deposit. They have many games to choose from (online scratch cards, slots, etc.) so that I don't have to keep moving from website to website to find my favorite games. This is the place to be if you want a good chance at winning and want to feel like part of a website who actually cares about their players.

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