The Swarm Of Investment Advisors

Many players think that if they could just win a big lottery jackpot or score a lucky streak of online scratch card wins, all their problems would immediately be solved. While the huge payouts definitely would help in a lot of ways, past mega-winners and professional players are aware that the first step to reaching comfortable wealth comes from preparing to be a winner

"When I was a student I always thought about what I would do with my jackpot when I won it" said Micky D. of Rotherham, UK. "For me it was like training for a big prize fight. You have to get your mind right and be ready to hold up the championship belt if you ever want the world to bend toward your will."

The power of positive thought is well-documented and Micky definitely has a point but he learned important lessons from his first big score online. "I've won a few jackpots now so I know exactly what I need to do with my winnings, but new players need to get access to good advice if they want to avoid the mistakes I made the first time" said Mickey. "I got my win money and it wasn't two days before I started getting contacted by so-called financial advisors and investment managers who said they could turn my mega-jackpot into an amount ten times that size in only a few months."

Mickey figured it was 'easy money' and trusted the people who contacted him only to find out "They had all kinds of tricks up their sleeves waiting for me like a babe in the woods. The money I thought came easy went just as easy once they got their filthy fingers on it. That's when I learned that winning is just the first step to becoming truly wealthy."

There are dozens of stories every year if you look online that highlight the unethical grifters who try to take advantage of jackpot winners before the afterglow of their lucky day has finished fading. Your jackpot money is no different than a paycheck you earn at work and it needs to be protected with the same fierce attention to detail.

If you are offered a deal that seems too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. There is no need to jump into anything, take on investments that you do not completely understand. Just like you read reviews of your favorite scratch card sites and check the terms of service to know the lay of the land - the same holds true after you win when you are deciding which parlay propositions you might be willing to invest in and which investment advisors you are willing to add to your consulting team.

"Beginners spend their time dreaming about winning, the smart money players use that time to prepare themselves to put their money to work for them after they win with the least risk and highest upside return on revenue."