Top 5 Scratch Card Tips

Scratch cards have been the main game of many for several years and while you may be new to the world of scratch card gaming, that doesn't mean you have to learn every lesson the hard way. Here is some helpful advice from the many friendly expert gamers who visit every day for all their gaming wishes:

1. Choose a scratch card that's suited to your budget.

Each scratch card proposition is set out on its own and does not affect any of the other cards being marketed by other vendors. Picking the ones with the biggest jackpots usually means accepting lower odds of winning or having a higher buy in price per card. The smart gamers choose the propositions that fit within their budget so that they can play the most often because several smaller wins often equates to a greater total award than one big win. It's also a lot more fun to cash winning tickets every day than it is to cash them only once or twice per month!

2. Set a limit on how much you are willing to gamble per week and stick to it.

Scratch Cards are a lot of fun but they are only intended for mature adults interested in having a good time online. Staying within your per week limit is the key to being able to smile any time you win and stay cheerful even if you lose. Your limit should be reevaluated each month and can rise during good times to help you get on a roll with a lot of positive momentum!

3. Bank a portion of the cash you win each time you hit the jackpot

If you take 10-20% of your winnings out of the equation and bank them immediately while sticking to the budget and limits you set in steps one and two you are far more likely to wind up being a winner at the end of each month. Keep in mind, what really matters is how much you win at the end of each month, not all the ups and downs during the days leading up to the final score. Those are all just part of the fun!

4. Always play a new scratch card game in free play mode first

While you may get the itch to play for real, it's smart to take a few free tries at any new game to see how you do. Sometimes developing a strategy for free is the key to getting on a roll when it counts for real!

5. Scared money never wins. Your positive attitude matters every time!

The number one reason anyone stops having fun when playing scratch card games is that they have allowed themselves to become 'scared money.' Only play with money that you can afford to lose, never play drunk or while angry, be sure you are well-rested and in a good frame of mind before you start gaming. Having the right outlook and a positive attitude is the most essential part of having a good time every time you play!