What Drives the Popularity of Online Scratchcard Games?

You'll have a hard time looking around online gaming sites and not seeing at least one scratch card game being offered. Scratch card games are affordable, fun and popular at the stores, and that fun translates through perfectly to a online version, with a few extra features that you'll never see with the physical cards.

The first advantage of online scratch cards is the fact that you aren't dealing with litter and silvery junk all over the place. It might seem like a small factor in popularity, but if you're playing a lot of cards that gunk adds up fast. Related to that, you'll never have to wait in a queue for your scratch cards online. If you want to get technical, you don't even have to get dressed before you start in with online scratch card games.

Online scratchcards are also a true instant win solution. You don't need to wait around to get your money in almost all cases. For lower amounts, the money is automatically added to your account. You can pull it out or use it to keep on playing your games, allowing you to have a seamless experience that feels more like a casino than having to hand in a physical scratch card at the store.

The scratch card game itself does not have much room for confusion. Game play is remarkably simple, with most online cards along the traditional lines of a match three games. Some games do take advantage of the flexibility of the online platform, either offering bonus rounds that incorporate game play from other games, like slot machines, or by offering a scratch mechanic that doesn't quite go with the match three game. Although the games are rarely graphically intensive, many game developers, such as NeoGames, use popular themes that are well recognized, including sports and media tie-ins.

The vast majority of online scratchcard game sites offer free and pay modes. You can spend as much or as little time as you need to learn the ins and outs of the system. While most scratch card games do have similar game styles, certain sites or games may have a twist that you don't want to encounter in real play until you've had a chance to learn how it works. Certain game systems, such as NeoGames, also allow you to switch between free and play modes on the fly, from within the game lobbies and in the games themselves. This level of flexibility adds a very user friendly feature to gaming sites. Most games do offer hints if the gameplay is not your typical match three behavior, and the gaming sites also offer live help in case you need a more in-depth explanation about a gaming mechanic.

Another user friendly feature helps multiple card scratch players to easily manage going through games as quickly as possible. The scratch all option allows you to click one button in order to clear the entire board, revealing the symbols underneath. The cards also automatically calculate your winnings, so the entire process is rather quick. If you are going to be playing back to back cards, this is probably the most efficient way to play. That all adds up to a big boost for online game popularity with new waves of players adding to the momentum every single day!